Luckily, it’s in front of my door. “Virus no pasaran!” said her whole proud look. So let’s take a quick look at what the headset is packed in, read the performance data of the device and I will quickly tell you how this headset actually behaves. To be honest, without a specific goal. After eighteen days, a package with an order was found at my door. Inside – an insert with a socket. Although, what can be said about the headset? Yes, nothing special, if not for one strange nuance relating to it. The fact that there were only five pieces left of the headsets also incited quick action. Actually, the task is to acquaint the Reader with the product itself, and not to advertise the store, although I made another order in it. Plus, there’s a $0.80 discount. While I unsuccessfully tried to find at least some review of this headset, two headsets were sold. A lot of all sorts of inexpensive little things in it. Well, about what I bought, more on that below. Let’s look at the headset from the back. But this is a little later. I won’t show the bag, because my friend immediately treated the package with a disinfectant, unpacked it, and immediately sent the wrapper to the garbage chute.
As I said, I couldn’t find any reviews for this headset. That is, there are no problems with charging the device anywhere. One of the dreary October evenings, I was strolling through the pages of Aliexpress. Placed an order – two sets left. So, I think the link is useful.

Bluetooth headset LESHP S580. "That’s how it is, just a little different!" (С)

It’s all. In the meantime, here is such a nice little box made of thick cardboard. There was no time for reflection here. The appearance and the price of $3.85 including shipping seemed very attractive to me, especially considering that the cost of this headset in other stores was three times higher. Nothing superfluous, an elegantly labeled S580 headset type and Picasso’s "Dove" pattern. Just the Bauhaus. The headset is neatly located in the socket. Even without the pimple. And quite by accident I came across the sales of the Domineering 3cdigital store Store, on the page of which the LESHP S580 bluetooth headset was put up for sale. The usual package. Under the insert, a charging cord with USB and micro USB connectors was found. I paid for the order – "Sorry, the goods are not available." But I made it! Since the goods in the store are over, I provide a link to the store where I bought the Product.

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