At the same time, the grit, in the first approximation, is similar to the truth. The price at the time of the order was 60 r per piece, and the idea immediately clicked in my head to print myself an over-budget analogue of the triangular spiderco sharpener.
The abrasive itself is in some rubbish and scratched. Otherwise, I would just throw these bars away and forget, like a bad dream.
Let’s check with a goniometer.
I took the 3D model for Tingevers The difference in the length of the base is more than a millimeter. And that means there would be no review.
Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I printed out the body of the triangle in advance.
"Feihuynya" – thought Stirlitz.

To summarize: I do not recommend these stones, although if a pair of identical ones arrives, then with a 3D printer you can organize a penny sharpener for any Deshman kitchen workers in the country. Dissecting in the open spaces of Aliexpress, I came across penny abrasive bars of triangular section.
On it you can scrounge something horizontally. It seems like it is needed for sharpening scissors, but this is not accurate. In principle, the model could be corrected, but the stones are already complete FeiHua, so we will leave it as it is. Spyderco triangle at minimum

What came of it – read under the cut. I ordered three pairs: 240, 400 and 600 grit. Immediately, after opening the package, I was greeted by a life-affirming marking on one of the stones. You can insert Chinese diamond files into round holes. Instead of 20, 30 and 40 degrees, we have 30, 40 and 50 respectively. By the way, stones are wildly dusty and are produced literally before our eyes.

Budget abrasives with Ali.
And we draw from top to bottom with a pull.
There are shelves for abrasives on the sides, but only one pair of 400s matched in size, then it will not be used. And for sure – not only is there a brand name on some stones, but not on others. Another groove is located at the end.
And the icing on the cake is geometry. From the photo, I think you can see everything. It is clear that it was bought for 60 rubles, but I am not satisfied with the quality. For those not in the know, the Spyderco triangle looks something like this. Hold the knife upright. Each side in turn.
On the upper edge there are grooves where our grinding stones are inserted. The position can be flat for sharpening blade knives or ribbed for serrated blades.
The use of this sharpener is elementary. Roughly speaking, at each position, the total angle is 10 degrees more than it should be.
So they also differ significantly in size. As a result, only the 400s matched. For now, that’s all. thanks for

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