By the way, what you brought in the photo has the correct name "bag" And where did you see in the text of the review that this coffee maker is positioned for survival? Or is it some kind of attempt to get to the bottom of the nickname? I think I won’t reveal a big secret if I say that there are not only magazine pouches. In any case, the main thing is understanding. On hikes, I usually carry a funnel They already got to the bottom of my nickname and my pants. In my case, a utilitarian chestrig pouch was used Over the past 8 years, I don’t remember trips where I wouldn’t use this or that burner. In fairness, I won’t take an aeropress on a hike either, it’s too heavy. Those. unloading is a more general name. I agree. chest rig, also known as a bra, is a subspecies of unloading. Against this background, the burner is a real trifle.

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I don’t take a thermos on hikes, even though I have a good liter zojirushi (or whatever it is).

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