In films, you can also turn on virtual sound, and if a good sound is provided in it or a cartoon, you will hear the difference for the better. Function: for Internet bar, for video games, HiFi headphones, regular headphones The microphone is ordinary, not worse, but I didn’t hear any advantages over the folk Svens and 4Techs.
When you connect the headset to your computer, they will work in normal mode, to enable the function you need to install the software from the disk, and check the box in a special tab, right there you can customize everything to your taste: The vaunted tirades, if anything, are addressed not to this model, but to the functions in general, with regards to working in R1 objectively, I can’t say much, since I haven’t listened to expensive models from 7.1, only budget ones, and then for a long time. An example of voice recording in a video review P.s I think it’s clear from the preview that it’s in trash format, so no surprise. System compatible: Windows XP, Vista, 7.8, 8.1 I myself managed to look at "Gravity" in them, and Valli to reconsider, there is no such effect as, for example, in the same CS, but everything also sounds good, more interesting than in the usual ones for sure.

Sades R1 gaming headset with 7.1 audio.

From the remote control, you can change its mode, on,
off, and garland mode with smooth extinction. Headset with About the built-in sound card, no need to install the drive, plug and play
The cable is durable, thick, and solid, I think it will last a long time, but I didn’t like it at all in operation, as it is heavy and bulky, there is a feeling of a slight overweight to the left side. Headset cable length: about 2.2m With microphone: Yes
Communication: wired < br />With microphone: Yes Small conversations with teammates have not been canceled, so you also need to talk about the microphone in detail, but there’s nothing to say.
The music here, by the way, plays so-so, I listened to some tracks, and let’s just say that if you buy ordinary headphones for this money, they are in
times will be better, mostly I didn’t like the low ones, the bass is transmitted very poorly, and even if we compare explosions with gaming headsets, the shots do not sound very convincing, the speakers are not enough, as it seems to me. Microphone frequency response: 50-10kHz br />Approximate weight: 420g Hello.
Type: USB Over-Ear Headband Gaming Headset Resistance: 32 ohm You may have seen the old popular video with "3D" sound where a match is lit and it feels like it’s behind your back, or 8D music, here are headphones with 7.1 function, it’s something like that, only fancy. Impedance: 32 ohms at 1kHz Volume Control: Yes Diameter: 50mm Noise Canceling: Yes Control Button: Yes
They sit comfortably on the head, I did the 4th game in Dote, the ears are in order, the skull is not compressed, there was no discomfort. Microphone sensitivity: -40dB ±3dB On-Ear Headphones: Yes
In the middle of the cable there is a remote control with two buttons (backlight / microphone), and a volume control wheel. Cool LED light: Yes Vibration: Yes a white person is us in a virtual room where there are seven speakers and one subwoofer, all this can be moved aside, swapped, and generally arranged as we like, and it’s more convenient to adjust the width of the stage in the music.
I think it’s not worth talking about the backlight, in China they don’t consider a headset without it and for a headset, but surprisingly it doesn’t shine like a spotlight, I think fans will appreciate it. USB input connector Color: orange/blue The situation with the music was slightly improved by the equalizer setting in the program, I won’t say that a direct wow effect appeared, but it got better, and you can already listen to music not built on bass, or just not very dynamic. On the 11.11 sale, I decided to spend my $30 capital accumulated on PayPal, and buy something “needed” in everyday life, or what I wanted but was expensive, on the 11th, in principle, nothing had changed, so I couldn’t find something interesting, but a friend found for yourself a suitable gaming headset from a well-known manufacturer in China, Sades.
I understand that manufacturers should make such consoles as light as possible, and in R1 it really is, only Sades achieved this by deteriorating its quality, the plastic is thin, cheap to the touch, and does not look presentable, besides, the DJ wheel staggers. Made not bad, bends, and does not interfere if not needed, the only thing I did not like is that when the computer is turned off, the LED is on, fortunately not bright. Model number: R1 USB 7 surround gaming headset ,1 For example, in CS-GO you more accurately understand where someone will run out from, in Dote you can understand where the pooja hook is flying from, or in minecraft to determine the location of a pig by grunting, it certainly doesn’t sound very convincing in order to throw away ordinary headphones and switch to virtual sound, but play with it is really more interesting, and even more effective (especially in CS). The rest of the parts like the shackle, the metal mesh, and the ear mounts are made of good materials, and neat. I can’t say exactly what R1 liked him, but even the absence of a discount on them from the purchase did not stop, and since he doesn’t have a profile on JD and PayPal, he had to order to his address, and since I decided to review such a thing, so more on the network this particular model has not yet been considered by anyone. Friendly reminder: Before talking about the main thing, I’ll briefly talk about the feature of this headset, namely the presence of 7.1 sound emulation. I can’t say how quickly they start to cover the ear cushions made of deputy leather, but at first glance they are of high quality. Material: plastic Microphone Style: headphone jack Both ends of the cable have good break protection. You can turn off the micro through the remote, or the program, through it you can also turn on echo cancellation, change the voice tone, frequency, etc. Chinese headsets have never sparkled with beauty for me, so this design with classic healthy sizes and LEDs is not for me, but it’s a matter of taste and what’s the difference between what I like and what I don’t, the main thing is that a friend likes it, really here there is already an objective drawback in the quality of the plastic of the gray part of the case, the appearance of which is like that of high-budget headsets, and in terms of impact resistance, there are also quite a few doubts. The box is not very high quality, but it looks solid from the front, and comes in a branded package, so it’s suitable as a gift. Maximum Input power: 30mW Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz Sound principle: Dynamic

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