Today on the review are interesting headphones from the Xiaodu brand (part of the well-known Baidu group). These headphones were produced in December 2021. On the back side, we see information about the manufacturer, certificates, information about the model code (XD-SWA15-2101). Hello everyone. It all sounds very promising, I’ll try to consider the headphones in more detail. And let’s start by tradition with unpacking. Inside the package itself, there are the headphones themselves in a case, detailed operating instructions, safety instructions, a Type-C charging cable, as well as additional ear pads in three sizes (XS, S, L). We see the text in Russian there, it seems that it was added in a hurry, everything is written with a small letter.

Xiaodu Smart Buds Pro Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

These headphones are remarkable in that they can boast of high-quality sound (mainly due to the size of the driver membranes, which is 12mm here, which is very good), active noise cancellation (ANC technology, they promise 40dB suppression), as well as the presence of a built-in voice an assistant capable of using the application to save voice notes, record calls, and recognize speech into text (support for 45 languages ​​is declared, including Russian). Also, a QR code was immediately applied to the box to download the proprietary Xiaodu App. Headphones come in a very presentable box. The earbuds themselves work using the Bluetooth 5.2 protocol, which provides low latency. So, after the preface, let’s move on to a more detailed, gradual analysis of the capabilities and features of these headphones. On the sides of the package, information was applied with the characteristics of the product. M-size ear pads are already put on the headphones themselves. With all this, the headphones also provide good battery life.

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